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EEMobile - New Mobile Stock Control Interface

Now you can perform your stock control operations on the move!!

EEMobile Stock Control Interface

Welcome to the product information page for our new mobile stocktaking module for EPOS-Excel. The product is called EEMobile and is a simple to use piece of software designed to run on the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.

Any Pocket PC PDA running the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS should be compatible with the EEMobile system. The system allows you to perform stocktaking and delivery taking operations without having to enter the data into the main EPOS terminal. Simply scan the item with your PDA and enter the required data. The system uses wireless networking to seamlessly update your EPOS database "on the fly".

What hardware do I need to run EEMobile?

There are three pieces of hardware required to run the system. These are listed in detail below:-

The PDA is the small handheld PC that you will use to enter all the data when you are using the system. The PDA does not need to be any specific make or model but you should bare a few things in mind before ordering. Firstly whatever PDA you decide on should either have a built-in barcode scanner or be compatible with a plug-in barcode scanner (see below). It must support WiFi networking (type 802.11b / g). Thirdly It must be running the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. This is the OS that EEMobile is currently written in.
Barcode Scanner

As mentioned above, some PDAs come with a built-in barcode scanner however these tend to be specialist PDAs designed for the EPOS market and as a result come with a rather hefty price tag. The cheapest way to implement PDA barcode reading is to use a plug-in barcode scanner. There are a few makes and models available on the market and the links to some recommended models are shown below:-

Socket Mobile SDIO 3 Series (3M is the preferred model)

Wireless Network

Your PDA needs to be able to link wirelessly with your EPOS system. To do this all you need to do is install a wireless access point or wireless router onto your existing network. Customers that only use a single till system can use a wireless plug-in USB adapter. WiFi hardware is very cheap these days. A USB adapter can be purchased for around £15 and a wirless router or access point for around £30.

There are so many different makes and models to choose from that I won't make any recommendations her. All I will say is that whatever WiFi hardware you choose should be compatible with the 802.11 (b or g) standard.

What software do I need to run EEMobile?

EPOS-Excel version and above now supports the EEMobile interface. The interface screen can be accessed via the admin stock management section. You do of course need the EEMobile software itself running on your PDA. This is available from the download section of the website.

How much does EEMobile cost?

The upgrade charge for the EEMobile system is low. The "upgrade plug-in" is applied to your existing EPOS-Excel software key. This upgrade allows you to access the EEMobile interface screen from the admin section.

Current pricing for the system is £39.95 for an annual licence or £104.95 for a full licence. You can purchase the upgrade plug-in from the 'Buy Online' section of our website. Customers that wish to apply the upgrade to an existing annual licence should contact our support team at for an upgrade quotation.