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EEOnline - New Online Store Synchronisation Module

Now you can keep online store stock levels and prices up to date!!

EEMobile Stock Control Interface

Welcome to the product information page for our new online store synchronisation module for EPOS-Excel. The product is called EEOnline and is a "bolt-on" option available for the standard product.

Do you run an online internet store as well as your high street store? Do you struggle keeping up with stock level and price adjustments between the two? Well if so the EPOS-Excel EEOnline module could be just what you're looking for! This system will automatically synchronise stock data between your EPOS-Excel database and almost any online store system that uses a MySQL backend database.

What hardware do I need to run EEOnline?

The only extra hardware you require to run the EEOnline system is an active broadband internet connection. Nothing special is required here and as most modern broadband connections can supply upwards of 2 megabits of bandwidth, you should have no problems at all.

What software do I need to run EEOnline?

Your EPOS-Excel software key will need to be upgraded to activate the EEOnline option. This is simply a case of visiting the 'Buy Online' section of our web site in order to purchase the option. If you are purchasing a new licence with the EEOnline option included, your new licence will automatically have the option enabled. If you wish to upgrade an existing licence please contact our support team ( for further details as your licence will need to be upgraded manually.

One thing that you must have in order to run the EEOnline system is remote access to your online store database. For further information on this please view the help topic << HERE >>. Also you can again contact our support team at the email address above.

How much does EEOnline cost?

The upgrade charge for the EEOnline system is low. Current pricing is £49.95 for an annual licence or £124.95 for a full licence.